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       Glorypcb is a professional manufacturer ,featured in Quick- turn PCB and PCBA.To provide the one-stop service from PCB to PCBA , quick-turn prototypes to mass production , we always keep up with the industry trends since establishment ,and grow fast by continuous technical improvement and equipment input.

       In consideration of clean production, we set up three separate manufacturing plants in Bao¡¯an, Nanshan, Longgang with different features and explicit orientation.

       Mainly for PCB prototypes and small production, Bao¡¯an plant has the advantage to delivery fast with good PCB supply chain around. Now within 24 hours for double-sided, 48 hours for four and six layers.

       Providing the service of SMT and DIP, Nanshan plant is preparing to apply ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004. Through this application, we will improve the management and offer more professional service for customer.

       With 10 years experience in PCB manufacturing, Longgang plant has advanced manufacturing and inspection equipments, perfect quality control system, experienced management team and strong R&D team in order to provide higher efficient service.

       There are totally 40,000 square meters manufacturing place, nearly one thousand workers with the capacity of 30,000 square meters per month (only from Nan¡¯ao). We can provide high technical PCB of 2-22 layers.